In this infographic we highlight a few successful strategies used by Best Dutch Brands.

Embrace Open Innovation

Open innovation brought dynamics to overall operation of companies that decided to follow this route. Thanks to open innovation the total products portfolio of companies such as DSM, TenCate, and Philips changed.

Scale up good practices

Duplicate your success! You should expand your business by duplicating its model! The art of duplication is an old business trick that works all the time but sometimes we tend to forget about it.

“If you want to be successful in a service industry, you have to be able to multiply what you know works,” says Randstad CEO Ben Noteboom.

Think out of the box

Almost half of the professional working population in the Netherlands consists of knowledge workers. Yet, there is a growing shortage of knowledge workers, particularly scientists, technologists and R&D workers.  So Dutch brands attract and hire highly skilled knowledge workers.

Most expats come from Europe, India, USA, China and Japan.


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